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Welcome Well, as if I don't have enough stuff on the Web, I've decided to post an electronics-oriented "blog" to replace the defunct Al's Electronic Workshop program. What can you expect? Who knows? My random thoughts and finds on electronics, microcontrollers, ham radio, the Internet, and who knows what else? I've been blogging for awhile since the magazine I used to work for (New Architect) has a blog (the "daily") that I wrote to (along with the other editors). Where else am I on the Web? Programming and consulting Electronics Ham Radio and PIC/CPLD/FPGA Tutorial.

Al Williams
WD5GNR Rambles
Friday, July 21  
I'm blogging a little more regularly on http://www.hotsolder.com. Check it out.


Wednesday, April 21  

Program Microcontrollers in C

Check out one of our newest kits: http://www.awce.com/app4.htm -- Everything you need to build embedded apps using GNU C!


Tuesday, March 30  

It's next year already?

Ok I've had a bit of a hiatus. Lots of new products and other things. However, of interest is that I switched my office phones to Vonage (VoIP). This is where you use regular telephones to call other regular telelphones (and other telephones can call you). But instead of going over the phone company lines, it goes over your Internet connection. Not for the faint of heart. But if you want to know the whole scoop (including how to tell if it will work before you order it) see http://www.wd5gnr.com/voip.htm.


Friday, November 7  

Mousey Mousey!

A lot of people use our PAK-VI to interface with a mouse. You'll have a hard time finding a cheaper high-resolution, two-axis position sensor. Some of the optical mice do 800 DPI now. So many people (including me) have been doing this, we rolled out the PAK-XI just for this purpose. It is practically plug and play. Connect a PS/2 mouse to the chip and it will track the X and Y position (using 16-bit signed integers). Ask the chip and it will tell you where the mouse is (plus what buttons have been pushed). Perfect for robots, CNC milling machines, PCB drills, or whatever. We plan to introduce a board-level kit that will drive an LCD directly in the near future. Watch for it!



This Would Make a Great...

Christmas present: http://www.doublesight.com/.


Wednesday, October 8  

Champaign Tastes on a Beer Budget

Want a Segway but can't afford one? Check out http://www.tlb.org/scooter.html. Still about $2000 according to the author.


Sunday, September 28  


My wife and I recently went on a Carnival cruise (the MS Celebration from Galveston to Cozumel and back). Great fun. You can read all about it.


Monday, August 25  

Mad Scientist Central

Need I say more?



Need Help?

Off hand, this looks like a good site. Searching it, I found an answer to a problem I was having a tough time with.


Monday, July 21  

CD Burning

I recently needed to recommend some free software for burning CDROMs. I like Nero, but if you are on a budget, you'd rather get something free. I found two programs, both of which look really good. Burn 4 Free and CDBurner XP Pro both look good. A quick inspection: XP looks nicer, but I think it only burns WAV and MP3 audio files. Burn 4 Free doesn't look as nice, but it does support more formats. Neither appear to handle ISO or multiple recorders though, so I'll still be using Nero myself.


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